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Blueprint videos

A collection of blueprint videos from Minute To Win It with Apolo Ohno February 25th on GSN.

Minute To Win It: Ping Tac Toe

The contestant must get ping pong balls to land in water filled glasses. There are 9 glasses filled with water, and the contestant will bounce white balls until one lands in a glass. They will then toss an orange ball until it lands in a glass. This will be repeated until the contestant completes one 3-ball line of the same color.

Minute To Win It: Booby Trap

Contestant must knock 3 balanced Pringles cans onto 3 glass bottles by bouncing ping pong balls at them.

Minute To Win It: Mad Dog

Contestant holds a ruler in the mouth and at either end of the ruler is an attached open Tic Tac box. Contestant must shake head to remove all Tic Tacs.

Minute To Win It: Tear It Up

Contestant shoots rubber bands through toilet paper to drop a hanging can.

Minute To Win It: A Bit Dicey

Contestant stacks dice on a popsicle stick that is in the contestant’s mouth.

Minute To Win It: Whack Attack

Contestant in Whack-a-Mole style uses 2 wooden spoons to keep Sharpies submerged in several water-filled bottles.

Minute To Win It: Brush With Danger

Team game. Using dental floss players slide toothbrush between them and try to get it into a toothbrush holder.

Minute To Win It: Baby Rattle

Two 2-liter bottles are filled with gumballs and sealed mouth to mouth. Player shakes and rattles gumballs from the filled side to the empty side in 60 seconds. Player is holding a rattle in either hand.

Minute To Win It: Dangerous Curves

Player arranges shelf brackets in order to ricochet a marble down a table and into 3 bowls.

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