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Tuesday 9/8c

The Beast


How do you describe Mark Labbett? Imagine the love child of Stephen Hawking and Hagrid from Harry Potter and you’ll end up with a 6 foot 6 man-mountain of maths that terrorises Chase contestants for fun. He’s one of the original Chasers in the UK and has appeared on well over 100 episodes of the show.

Mark’s mighty brain is so huge that it took not one but THREE internationally renowned centres of learning to keep him occupied…he has degrees and suchlike from Oxford, Exeter and Glamorgan universities. He’s also a qualified mathematics teacher but these days works as a professional quizzer, spending his days cramming more and more facts into his phenomenal cerebellum and his evenings cramming more and more burgers into his mouth. When he’s not studying for quizzes, he says he watches far too much sport, especially US sports and reckons he knows the nickname of every College football team in the States. Of course, he could be bluffing…but who’s going to call him out?

Once described as having the brain of Einstein and the body of Frankenstein, here’s an interesting tit-bit…Mark’s Chaser nickname is particularly apt because his surname is the French for ‘The Beast’. La Bete – Labbett. You might not have known that fascinating fact but you can bet your boots that Mark did!

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