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The American Bible Challenge



Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Charity: Samaritan’s Feet, which gives shoes to needy kids
Team Members: Natychia Young, Catrina Reese and Belinda Jackson

As “Barefoot Ambassadors” for Samaritan’s Feet, the ladies entertain at local events where they wash feet
and give shoes to needy kids! Catrina was homeless raising two kids on her own. As a survivor, she has a
personal connection with the kids she helps through charity.

Samaritan’s Feet has a goal of putting 10 million pairs of shoes on the feet of 10 million children in the next 10 years. 300 million
children walk in their bare feet every day and
risk contracting disease. Volunteers wash the
children’s feet and then present them with a
new pair of shoes.



Hometown: Otway, OH
Charity: Kicks For Jesus, which offers free martial arts instruction
Team Members: Jonathan King, Matt Phipps and Brad Harris

Matt, a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, and Jonathan, a black belt, break cement blocks over their heads for fun! They can’t wait to do it for the American Bible Challenge audience! Matt had hit rock bottom (drugs,
alcohol, and neglecting his family) when a
preacher on TV saved him from taking his life! Matt and his three sons took Tae Kwon Do lessons at a local school that evolved into Kicks for Jesus and now
Matt is an instructor. All of them are from Adam’s County, which has some of the highest rates of
drug use and unemployment in Ohio.

Kicks for Jesus offers free martial arts instruction
combined with Biblical teachings to encourage
spiritual, physical, and emotional growth.



Hometown: Portsmouth, VA
Charity: Mercy Chefs, exists to serve professionally prepared, high-quality meals to the victims of local, state and national emergencies
Team Members: Walter Taylor, Gary LeBlanc and Peggy Williford

Three chefs with hearts as big their appetites! When Hurricane Katrina hit his home town of New Orleans, Gary started cooking for the devastated people in his community! Inspired by that experience, Gary
founded Mercy Chefs.

Mercy Chefs serves professionally prepared, high quality meals to victims of local, state, and national emergencies.



Hometown: Lumberton, NC
Charity: The Vs Cancer Foundation works with sports teams to do fundraising drives for cancer
Team Members: Hannah Webb, Victoria Huggins and Kelly Glendenning

Three southern belle beauty queens who became great friends while competing in the Miss America circuit! Kelly’s childhood best friend was diagnosed with Leukemia in kindergarten so she’s seen first-hand what good medical treatment, support and care can do. Their charity was founded by Kelly’s family friend who suffered a stage 4 brain tumor as a college freshman baseball player at UNC.

Vs Cancer Foundation works with sports teams (pro, college, amateur) to host fundraising drives for pediatric cancer. Teams set a fundraising goal and players agree to shave their heads as a show of support for children with cancer. Proceeds are divided between a local hospital of the team’s choice and qualified pediatric cancer research.



Hometown: Akron, OH
Charity: Unity in the Community, which provides education, community enhancement and public services
Team Members: Patrice Smith, Gloria Williams and Randi Bibbs

Three sassy friends that are survivors of horrible abuse, street crime and broken homes! Patrice was raised by extended family with the help of her brother Suan. When Suan an innocent bystander was murdered during an armed robbery, Patrice was inspired to create Unity in the Community to break the cycle and show kids violence and a street life is not the answer.

Unity in the Community (AKA Unity in the Community of Akron) provides education, community enhancement, and public safety services. They also hold an annual Peace Day to distribute backpacks and school supplies
to needy kids.



Hometown: New York, NY
Charity: Uniting Against Lung Cancer raises money to research and help prevent lung cancer
Team Members: Glen Proctor, Bruce Proctor and Robby Cecil

Vivacious twin brother preacher and their good friend. Glen and Bruce are fashion designers! Robby is a dancer! They all volunteer and preach at The Rock Church, Manhattan, led by Bruce and Glen! Before dying of lung cancer, the twin’s mother begged the boys to find a church in the big city.

Uniting Against Lung Cancer. Based in New York, where they live, Uniting
Against Lung Cancer raises money to
research and help prevent lung cancer. The
Team is playing for Uniting Against Lung
Cancer in honor of Bruce and Glen’s mom.



Hometown: New York, NY
Charity: The Mama Foundation of the Arts aims to present, promote and preserve the history and fundamentals of gospel music, jazz and blues
Team Members: Tru Osborne, Trystan Fields-Newton and Percy Henry

Percy’s family moved to the Bronx when he was 13 due to unpredicted circumstances. Percy was thinking about suicide when he was introduced to The Mama
Foundation of the Arts! Without the Mama Foundation, Percy wouldn’t be here today! Now Percy and friends use gospel music to inspire other teens.

The Mama Foundation of the Arts is a Harlem-based non-profit organization that aims to present, promote, and preserve the history and fundamentals of gospel music, jazz, and blues.



Hometown: Buda, IL
Charity: Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions in the United States and its territories.
Team Members: Dane Barnett, Ryan Beach and Quinn Brandt

After his own life-changing Make-A-Wish trip to London, Dane wants to make sure other kids can have the experience of a lifetime! Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening
medical conditions in the United States and its territories.

Make-A-Wish Illinois.



Hometown: Hilliard, OH
Charity: The National MPS Society
Team Members: David Faile, Rachel Wojnarowski and Matt Wojnarowski.

Husband, Wife, Brother-in-law… Team Lift Your Voice represents Taylor, our 17 year old daughter, who has MPS, a neurologically degenerative disease. Though Taylor once loved to sing, the disease has stolen her voice. She is loved and supported by one big happy family of 6 siblings!

The National MPS Society focuses on finding treatments and a cure for MPS, an incurable disease for which the average life expectancy is 10-15 years, and providing a community of care and support for individuals and families affected by MPS.



Hometown: Providence, UT
Charity: One Heart for Bulgaria, which provides a quality life for Bulgarian orphans
Team Members: Jill Mason, Deborah Gardner and Heidi Barker

These Moms want to break the Mormon stereotypes! Friends for more than 20 years. Deborah is a single mom of five kids. Inspired by her Mormon Mission trip
to a Bulgarian orphanage, Deborah founded One Heart Bulgaria with Heidi, and has dedicated her life to the

One Heart for Bulgaria is devoted to improving the quality of life for Bulgarian orphans. They provide food, shelter, and medical care.

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